Selfishness Drags Us In The Wrong Direction.

I'm Yasemin. I do what makes me happy. That's it. Labels confuse me. Taking photos is a passion. I have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend and really great friends. And a crazy Turkish family whom I love very much. I'm quite simple.

My sunshine. necr0ses
Bay Area. on Flickr.
New York City. on Flickr.
Beautiful Architecture
Happy Flowers on Flickr.
Busy Bee. on Flickr.
favorite lens of all time. Bower 8mm F3.5 Fisheye for Canon
She is beauty in the purest form. on Flickr.
Miami Beach, FL on Flickr.
Miami Beach, FL on Flickr.
Calistoga, CA
Muir Beach, CA.
Muir Beach Sunset on Flickr.
MarLee-5 on Flickr.
My awesome friend, MarLee
Novato on Flickr.
forever a beach bum.