Selfishness Drags Us In The Wrong Direction.

I'm Yasemin. I do what makes me happy. That's it. Labels confuse me. Taking photos is a passion. I have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend and really great friends. And a crazy Turkish family whom I love very much. I'm quite simple.

Aug. 6

necr0ses - help


Muir Beach Sunset on Flickr.
Today I thought I was gonna drink lots of beer. Instead, I read and took pictures of nature. #winning
shit gets weird at Lagunitas…
always too shy to smile in selfies. haha! 
flyin on Flickr.
My new tattoo on Flickr.
Ready for year 3! Got my ticket and I am ready for this magic
this is all i have to say about night classes.
SF Giants. Gotta represent 
asssss asss asss

Sonoma State University.

6. August 2012

thanks for ruining my morning. I am better now. Got a strange schedule but the classes will be interesting. Not ready to bust my ass again but what can ya least this way I will most likely graduate a semester sooner than I thought.