Selfishness Drags Us In The Wrong Direction.

I'm Yasemin. I do what makes me happy. That's it. Labels confuse me. Taking photos is a passion. I have an incredibly beautiful girlfriend and really great friends. And a crazy Turkish family whom I love very much. I'm quite simple.

Muir Beach Sunset on Flickr.
Today I thought I was gonna drink lots of beer. Instead, I read and took pictures of nature. #winning
shit gets weird at Lagunitas…
always too shy to smile in selfies. haha! 
flyin on Flickr.
My new tattoo on Flickr.
Ready for year 3! Got my ticket and I am ready for this magic
this is all i have to say about night classes.
SF Giants. Gotta represent 
asssss asss asss

Sonoma State University.

6. August 2012

thanks for ruining my morning. I am better now. Got a strange schedule but the classes will be interesting. Not ready to bust my ass again but what can ya least this way I will most likely graduate a semester sooner than I thought. 


5. August 2012

i don’t understand why my mom is so rude to my dad sometimes. she complains about how she hasn’t got to “go out” in two weeks and has to be extra pissy to everyone. and then my dad tries hella hard to take her out today - tries to make all these cute plans and she is just not havin’ it. And gives him hella attitude about anything he does. Props to my Dad on times like this for putting up with her. I feel bad I want to hang out with him he wants to go ride our bikes on the golden gate bridge but honestly I am just hungover and want to sit and do nothing right now lol. Ugh I wish my mom would be nicer to him - I hate sitting here and witnissing this bs. Sorry people just had to get that out